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Customizable Score Card Pencil with Shield

Customizable Score Card Pencil with Shield
Item# score-card-pencil-with-shield

Product Description

Need that handy little pencil and eraser? Record game information with this pencil and pencil shield and store easily due to its small 4.5 inch length. Pencil shield keeps pencil from sticking in body or clothing and contains clip and eraser.

How to Use It Simply pull out the pencil, turn it over, place back in shield and use. Reverse to store. Stores conveniently in your ball bag, wallet organizer or pocket. Image shows pencil ready for use and stored in shield.

Fully Customizable! Need a simple gift for your event? BOTH the pencil and the pencil shield can be customized to make a unique inexpensive commemorative souvenir. It's perfect for the golf enthusiast or baseball fan!

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