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Free Pencil Shield with 12 Replacement Erasers.

The Pencil Shield Replacement Erasers: 12 Pack (red)
The Pencil Shield Replacement Erasers: 12 Pack (red)
Item# 204065

Product Description

Package includes 12 replacement erasers and 1 FREE Pencil Shield.

The Pointless Eraser is a replacement eraser for the Pencil Shield. Maximize the use of your pencils by changing the eraser when it wears out and continue to use the same pencil until it gets worn down to 1-1/2".

This concept of interchangeable parts for pencils is only made possible with the Pencil Shield. Not only is it safe, but it is also green and economical. It saves trees and money. The included Pencil Shield is reusable on most pencils, acting as a replacement eraser, pencil cap, a clip, and a pencil extender.

Made in USA. Simply Twist on for Safety, Twist off to Use!! Maximizes the use and minimizes the waste!