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Awards & Success

Awards & Success
Awards and Recognition:

- Rated "Best New Product 2006" - Editor's Pick, Progressive Grocer.

- Recognized in Newsday for special donation to Hope Childrens Fund.

Article titled: "Pencil Manufacturer Does Write By Kids" tells the story of how Pointless Products team donated 2,500 Safety Pencils to a very special cause.

From Our Customers:

"The pencil shield makes pencils so much easier and safer to carry around! I love it! If I had my own company I would have my company's name embossed on them, since you get a lot more use out of it, even with other pencils, the free advertising would just go on and on and it would be a tremendous bang for the buck!"

- Denis Sullivan, Data Communications Technician

"As the new pencil shields were distributed, the excitement began building in my third grade classroom. The students took an immediate interest in their new writing tool. They experimented with the tool itself, as well as the eraser. Then enthusiastic eight year olds discovered the unique pencil shield. "What a great idea!" they exclaimed. Feeling very grown-up, the students used their pencil shields throughout the day.

From a teacher's prospective, I think the tool is very pragmatic. The shield itself protects students from pencil point injuries. The shield also acts as a pencil extender. Every teacher is familiar with students who constantly sharpen their pencils until they are only a few inches long. With the pencil shield, the students can work as if their pencil is full length. As a result, I have observed significant improvement in handwriting and fine motor skills.

-Susan Ryan, Third Grade Teacher

We used the "pointless products" pencils for a fundraiser for our soccer team this past fall. We LOVED it! We have done other fundraisers in the past where you either end up buying stuff you really don't need or eating lots of leftover chocolate! We also didn't enjoy participating in all day fundraisers such as car washes. Selling pencils was easy and fun! We recommend getting mixed boxes of pencils - people really enjoyed picking pencils that suited their personality - not just our team! The best part was we earned a 68% profit for our team!

-Linda Scarth, Lake Grove Tsunami